The college spread in an area of 25 acres is serving the mankind since 1919 and has developed many assets with the efforts of many dedicated personals such as Vaidya Mukundilal Dwivedi Ji, Vaidya Yadav Ji Trikam Ji, Vaidya Haridutt Shastri, Dr. R.k. Gupta, Dr pooja Bhardwaj. Now, this college is a campus of Uttrakhand Ayurved University Dehradun. It has a well-furnished teaching block with classrooms of a good standard & with audio-visual facilities. Sushruta Bhawan hosts a number of departments including the Department of P.G Deptt of shalya tantra kaya chikitsa viz. panchakarma Stri roga and Prasuti tantra, shalakya tantra and Kaumar bhritya. The building of Anatomy department building hosts five departments including the department of Rachna Sharir, kriya Sharir, Samhita, Sanskrit and Sidhanta, Agad tantra and swasthvrita. Department of Ras Shastra and Dravya guna too are well equipped. An auditorium having seating capacity of 600 people & furnished with audio visual facilities up to the mark.