Swasthavritta and yoga

The department of Swasthavritta and Yoga is working as an independent under-graduate department as per the schedule of Ayurvedacharya (B.A.M.S.) syllabus, conducted by central council of Indian medicine, New Delhi .This department carries out the teaching disciplines in Swasthavritta,Yoga and Naturopathy. The Swasthavrittasubject includes the topics related to personal hygiene (physical, mental, & spiritual health) and social hygiene. There are observations of Dincharya, Ratricharya, Ritucharya, Trayopastambha and Sadvritta. The other important topics like use of pure air, air pollution, air borne diseases, methods of disposal of solid waste, & human excreta, final disposal of dead body, different infectious diseases epidemics, and management of disaster are also cover under the personal and public hygiene sectors.

The knowledge of yogic science is also exploit for prevention, enhancements, promotion of quality of health and management of various disease with several,Yogasanas, Pranayam, Shadkriyas,& diseases due to life style disorders are also manage by the knowledge of Naturopathy. The students are made aware for their role in applications of primary health care, family welfare programs, maternity and child care and other several national health programs.


Name: DR. Shobhit Kumar
Qualification: MD(Ay)
Designation: Associate Prof. & HOD
Email: shobhitvarshney.dr@gmail.com
Teaching Code: AYUSV0008
State Registration No : UK0035
Experience: 12 Years

Name: DR. Priyanka Sharma
Qualification: MD(AY)
Designation: Assistant Prof.
Email: sharma.ayurveda@gmail.com
Teaching Code: AYUSV0663
State Registration No : 56775
Experience: 4 Years

Name: Dr. GyanPrakash Singh
Qualification: Ph.D.-YOGA
Designation: Samvida Anudeshak Yoga & Naturopathy
Email: gp.awgp@gmail.com
State Registration No : NOT APPLICABLE
Experience: 8 Years