Dravya Guna Department

P.G Department of Dravya Guna is essentially involved with the research, teaching & training at undergraduate and post graduate levels. The Department is running as Department of Dravyaguna under the College since 1919 and Post Graduation is running in this department since 2013 with intake capacity of five Postgraduate students every year in present. It is imparting the theoretical and practical training to the undergraduate as well as guidance, teaching and training to the P.G. Scholars. Clinical services are also being provided by the Department at OPD levels. The department objective is conceptual and scientific based studies of drugs to clear ayurvedic drug mechanism with respect to diseases and thorough study of different plants.

Name: Dr D.C.Singh (Professor and Head of Department)
Teacher’s Code : AYDG00
Regd No: UK001413
Qualification: B.A.M.S, M.D, Ph.D

Name: Dr Suresh Chaube (Associate Professor)
Teacher’s Code : AYDG00
Regd No: UK0281
Qualification: B.A.M.S. M.D, Ph.D

Name: Dr Shailendra Pradhan (Assistant Professor)
Teacher’s Code : AYDG00735
Regd No: UK4354
Qualification: B.A.M.S, M.D, PhD

Departmental activites

Departmental activities
A.) Teaching of B.A.M.S. II Prof.
The department is engaged in the teaching and training of B.A.M.S. II Prof. class in the subject of Dravyaguna. Separate classes for theory and practical are conducted every day. As per the norms of CCIM, minimum 180 lectures of theory and 90 lectures of practical are required to be delivered for this subject.

B.) Teaching of P.G. Dravyaguna
Department is conducting theory and practical classes to P.G. Dravyaguna scholars. Teaching and guidance is being given to the scholars after they get promoted to higher classes.
C.) Educational tours
Educational tours conducted at regular intervals by the department.
D.) Research Activity
Various research activities are running in the department by the faculty and post graduation students.
E.) Seminars on different topics presented by the P.G Scholars weekly.
Departmental achievement:
(A) Under-Graduate Level: Theoretical & practical teaching of Dravyaguna, as per the prescribed curriculum of C.C.I.M and as adopted by Uttrakhand Ayurveda University was provided in a comprehensive but simpler manner with inputs from the recent developments in natural drug research. The students were given live demo for better grasping at medicinal plants gardens both within the campus and off the campus in Haridwar. The students were also taken for a Vanaspati Parichaya Yatra to the state of Uttarakhand which are known for its rich flora. Periodic class tests were held to keep the students continuously keen & attentive. The students were also encouraged to collect and prepare herbariums of important medicinal plants. An effort is made to Collect and plantation of maximum medicinal plants with their species in the college campus. There are around 250 medicinal plant species present in the herbal garden of campus and around 300 dry herbs specimens available in Departmental museum.
B.) Post-Graduate Level: Department imparted teaching, training & practical guidance of Dravyaguna to PG students. More emphasis was given on clinical application of fundamental principles as well as on various ways of research methodology, their application and utility in Ayurveda. On the other hand, PG students of the respective Dept. were provided with proper learning, pronunciation, translation, explanation & expoundation of Basic texts as well as their various commentaries .The students of the Deptt. actively participated and presented research works in the weekly seminars of the dept. Eminent persons in these seminars also delivered keynote lectures in the Department. Students also participated in different National and International Seminars during the reported year. Department is giving intensive participation in all curricular and co-curricular activities of the campus. At various occasions the department ensures to organise camps and make people aware of the medicinal plants.