Shalakya Tantra


Ayurveda is the science of life and focuses on prevention rather than treatment. It is divided further into 8 major heads of which Shalakya is an integral part. “Shalakya” basically deals with diseases pertaining to organs above clavicle that is the collarbone vis-à-vis Netra, Karna, Nasa, Mukha and Shiro Rog. Department is comprised of separate OPD for Eye and ENT, and is equipped with modern machines and equipments useful in diagnostic purposes. There is a separate Operation Theatre where several major and minor surgeries are performed on daily basis with the help of staff which includes one Professor (HOD), one associate professor, two assistant professors and one Medical Officer. Apart from this, there is a Kriyakalp unit where almost all procedures mentioned in Ayurvedic texts beneficial for eyes, ears, nose and throat are performed regularly. Since 2012,  Shalakya Department of Rishikul Campus, Haridwar inducts four P.G. scholars every year and thus till date 16 scholars have successfully completed PG and are working as teaching faculties in various colleges all across the country. 12 PG research scholars are undergoing Post graduate course in Department of Shalakya Tantra currently.


As mentioned earlier, the Department includes a Professor, an Associate professor, two Assistant professors whose details are mentioned here:

Name: Dr. Gunjan Sharma (HOD)
Registration No: Ua000128
Date of birth: 06/12/1975
Qualification: BAMS, MS (Ay.), Phd.
Teaching Experience: 14 years 1 month
Teaching Code: AYUSK0006

Name: Dr. Renu Prasad (Associate Professor)
Registration No: Uk3690
Date of birth: 02/06/1981
Qualification: BAMS, MS (Shalakya Tantra)
Teaching Experience: 10 years 4 month
Teaching Code: AYUSK0007

Name: Dr. Priyanka ( Assistant Professor)
Registration No: Uk1894
Date of birth: 10/04/1986
Qualification: BAMS, MS (Shalakya Tantra)
Teaching Experience: 5 years 8 month
Teaching Code: AYUSK0696

Name: Dr. Arun ( Assistant Professor)
Registration No: Uk2139
Date of birth: 13/06/1985
Qualification: BAMS, MS (Shalakya Tantra)
Teaching Experience: 3 years 1 month
Teaching Code: AYUSK0891

List of students:

Pg 1st Year Pg 2nd Year Pg 3rd Year
Akanksha SinghPriyanka DubeyKalpana khanduri
Radhika Menon Ranjana NegiAnchal Pathak
Archana GairolaHarimohan TanwarAnupama Singh
Ekta RamolaPreeti Singh LambaSarita Yadav


Around 500 to 600 patients per monthAround 150 to 200 patients per month
Fully equipped modern therapeutic and diagnostic machines like Opthalmoscope, Retinoscope, Slit lamp biomicroscope, Tonometer, KeratometerFacilities like Otoscopy, Audiometry, Ear Syringing, Lobuloplasty are provided and carried out successfullyEquipped with Dental Chairs and other useful instruments required for Root Canals, Braces, Extraction of Teeth, Fillings and repairs etc.
Separate well equipped OT surgeries for Cataract, Pterygium, Chalazion, are conducted successfully.
All kind of Kriyakalpa Procedures like , Seka, Aschyotan, Vidalak, Pindi etc. and Panchakarma therapies related to Ocular diseases like Virechana, Niruha Basti, Matra Basti, Jalaukavacharana are provided.Therapeutic procedures related to Karna, Nasa, Mukha and Shira like Nasya, Mukhabhyang Swedana, Karnadhoopana, Karnapoorana, Kawal and Gandoosh are carried out successfully.
  • Department of Shalakya Tantra conducts around 30-40 departmental seminars per annum related to case presentations and discussion of diseases of included in shalakya tantra.
  • Shalakya Department also conducts various free checkup eye camps for cataract, glaucoma and other ocular problems time to time in the Rishikul campus as well as other locations.

In year 2018 on occasion of World Sight Day on 11 October, 2018, eye donation camp for awareness was conducted in Rishikul Campus in collaboration with Himalayiya Hospital, Jollygrant.


  1. Two PG scholars Dr. Sarvesh (University topper) and Dr. Poonam (second topper) received awards in Toppers Conclave 2017 which was held from August 8 to August 12, 2017 at Rajbhawan, Uttarakhand.
  2. Dr. Aanchal received 1st prize in Poster presentation competition in Sunetra International Conference held at Sridhareeyam Ayurveda, Kerala on 19th to 22nd July 2018.
  3. Workshop on Ayurveda and Eye therapy (Ayurvedic ocular modalities) in Cagliari ( from 28 june to 3july- attended by Dr. Renu Prasad
  4. Workshop on Netra kriyakalpa (ayurvedic ocular modalities) in Poznan from 10 july to 11 july- attended by Dr. Renu Prasad.