Agad Tantra Department

Agad Tantra deals with study of the poisons, its action, clinical manifestation diagnosis of acute, chronic and cumulative toxicity and its treatment. The Department imparts Under Graduate and Post Graduate education and training to students in Ayurvedic classical references of Visa (poison), its detailed description, its classifications and examinations, diseases caused by it, principles of managements and preventive measures of the poisons, and legal aspect of medical practice, medical aspects of Law and forensic medicine.


Agad Tantra is one of the branches of Ashtang Ayurveda. The department deals with the study of poisons of various kinds like vegetative poison, animal poison, metal poison and chemical poison. It also deals with Food incompatibility (Viruddhahara), Gara visha (different interactions like- Food-Food, Food-Drug and Drug-Drug), Environmental toxins, Occupational toxins, Drug addiction etc. Hence Agad Tantra branch becomes admissible in today’s context by providing better treatment options in the management of various poisons, cumulative toxicity in our daily life through Agadayogas. Vidhi Vaidyaka deals with medical etiquette and medical Jurisprudence. Agad formulations can play a better role as immunomodulator and anti-cytotoxic agent.

Departmental activities

❖ Teaching Activity
– Under Graduate Level- Theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance in the subject of Agad Tantra, Vyavaharayurveda evum Vidhi Vaidhyak
-Post Graduate Level-
• Theoretical and Practical knowledge of subject
• Research work
• Departmental seminars
• Journal club
• Group discussion
• Innovative idea discussion
• Guest lecturer

❖ Clinical training by way of active involvement in OPD, case presentations and clinical discussions.
❖ Post-mortem demonstration for U.G. and P.G. students to enrich their practical knowledge.
❖ Court visit for U.G. and P.G. students to understand legal issues and develop practical knowledge about medicolegal cases.
❖ Forensic Science Laboratory visit for P.G. Scholar to enrich their practical knowledge in forensic medicine.
❖ Educational visit of Toxicology dept of Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Merut for P.G. Scholars to enrich their knowledge about Toxicology.

❖ Publication-
• Books on Agad tantra have been published by faculty members.
• Research and review Articles have been published every year in various National, International peer reviewed Journals.

Faculty Members

1Dr. Ramesh Chandra TiwariProf & Head
2Dr. Manisha DixitAssociate Professor
3Dr. Bhawana Mittal Assistant Professor
4Dr.Ved Bhushan Sharma Assistant Professor