Kaya Chikitsa


Kaya chikitsa is one of the most important departments of Rishikul Campus. P.G department was established in 2013. Till now total 16 students have completed their P.G from this department and working as a lecturer in well known institutes. This department deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all medical disorders. In present time, this department has special focus on skin disorders (Ringworm, Psoriasis, Eczema etc.), and other lifestyle and Metabolic disorders (Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity), Gastro-intestinal disorders (Amlapitta, Grahani dosha) and Respiratory disorders (Asthma, Allergic Bronchitis).

This department concentrates on both Teaching as well as Clinical part of study.

Teaching: This imparts teaching as well as training to the 4th year of BAMS students and PG students. The aim of above is to provide excellent training of theoretical as well as practical aspect of general medicine (Kayachikitsa). The main focus of this department is to make the student aware regarding fundamentals of diagnosis and treatment, various approaches to the treatment of various diseases and to make the students familiar with the various modern tools like Sphygmomanometer, Peak Flow Meter, Spirometer etc. and various techniques of investigation.

Clinical: This department consists of OPD, fully hygienic IPD and Emergency.In the OPD of Kaya chikitsa patients comes from all across North India. We provide best diagnosis, treatment and health facility as per Ayurvedic fundamentals of Kaya Chikitsa.  


Name: Dr. Om Prakash Singh
Qualification: M.D. (Ay.)
Designation: Professor and Head
Email: dr.opsingh63@gmail.com
Teaching Code: AYKC01261
State Registration No: UK-001418
Experience: 22 Years

Name: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Tripathi
Qualification: M.D. (Ay.)
Designation: Professor
Email: Sanjaytripathi.230@rediffmail.com
Teaching Code: AYKC01124
State Registration No: UK02641
Experience: 16 Years

Name: Dr. Shweta Gyanendra Shukla
Qualification: M.D. (Ay.)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: drshwetans83@gmail.com
Teaching Code: AYKC02603
State Registration No: UP53145
Experience: 7.5 Years

Name: DR. Rashmi
Qualification: UG- From HNBGU Uttarakhand(2007)/ PG- UAU(2020)
Designation: Assistant Professor

Departmental activities:

  1. Departmental Seminars- Kayachikitsa P.G department conduct departmental seminar approx. 35-40 per annum. This comprises of case presentations and discussion of topic related to general medicine.
  2. Tutorial classes- Kayachikitsa P.G department conduct tutorial classes approx. 35-40 per annum for 4th year undergraduate students.
  3. Camp and International Seminar- Organized A international seminar on 2-3 Sept. 2016 on Holistic management of Annavaha Srotas Vyadhi. Organizes various health camps in schools and various rural and urban areas of city.
  4. P.G Research work- Till now total 20 research works completed on the topics namely; Tamaka Shwasa, Pandu, Hypertension, Amavata, Diabetes, Hyperacidity, Dyslipidemia, Obesity, Psoriasis, Acne, Grahani Roga, Vatarakta, Dadru, etc. Now 12 research work is going on.
  5. Special medical days celebration- Celebrates various medical health days like World Heart day, World Diabetes day etc.

Departmental Achievements:

  • Various International and National Seminar/Workshops/CME attended by Teachers as well as P.G. Scholar.
  • Various publications done by Teachers/P.G Scholars in various International and National indexed journals and Magazines.